Telephone and Internet facility (WiFi) is available; however, it is​ erratic due to inclement weather. So, kindly bear with us. (AIRTEL and BSNL work the best)

We do not provide mineral water as we use natural spring water “Jairu”​known for its therapeutic value, available on our land. The water in the ​taps is sourced from the natural spring and we guarantee that bathing would ​never have felt so rejuvenating. However, on demand, mineral water bottles ​will be provided on payment. We use bathroom amenities by Farmessentials, a natural handmade cosmetics company.


Please carry warm clothing as the weather is usually cold. The good news is​that we are only commercial property in the area that enjoys sunlight from ​mid-morning till late afternoon.

A Fire place is provided in the living room. Electric blankets and room​heaters are also available.

Tea/ Coffee sachets along with electric kettles are provided in each cottage (complimentary and are replenished)

We do not serve alcohol so you may carry your own. (A theka or liquor ​vend is close by and usually has the following on its shelf beer, some Indian whiskies, vodka, rum etc.

Jalori Pass
Gone Fishing Cottages


The summers are quite pleasant. Mornings and evenings are a bit nippy​so do carry light woolen clothing. In case it rains, it can get​cold. During the day shorts and T-shirt can be worn all throughout the summer months.

We do not have electricity back up so be prepared for any such event owing​to the inclement weather. However, that does not deter us from providing ​hot water for bathing (moreover, candle light dinners at no extra costs can ​be delightful).

Meals are cooked between 8am and 6pm by a cook. Breakfast is prepared and ​served. Dinner, however, is prepared by 6pm and is self-served​ mostly (for the guests who like to enjoy their drinks and snacks and​ savor a late-night dinner.) The microwave provided comes in handy, as do the casseroles.

​You may buy grocery if you wish to cook your own meals.

There are no ATMs in the area. Though there are a few situated at some​ distance but are not in working condition most of the times.

You would enjoy strolling down the neighbourhood which has an old ” gharat”(a water wheel for grinding wheat), a small, ancient temple, a shawl weaver’s shop (enjoy watching shawls woven by hand).

In case you have any specific requirements please let us know in advance so ​that we can cater to the same. Smoking inside the cottages is a BIG NO!

Please fill up your fuel tanks at pundoh as the closest gas station is 27kms at larji.