Meet your hosts!


Upendra Kamra

Known as “Uppi” among his friends. He finished his schooling from The Doon School, Dehradun and worked in the tea industry for some time. Since childhood, Uppi has been an explorer and it was one of his trips 20 years back that he discovered the incredible Tirthan Valley. The inception of Gone Fishing cottages was born during one of his many trips and the idea was simple” To allow people to explore and cherish the beauty of Tirthan Valley.”

Apart from Gone Fishing cottages, he is an entrepreneur and owns Farmessentials, a fresh natural handmade cosmetic company whose clientele entails 5-star hotels, resorts and Spa’s. He holds exceptional knowledge about the Himalayas. He loves fishing/angling and is known to spend lovely evenings with his guests!


Dimple Kamra

“Mama”, “Mommy”,”Mom” is what Dimple is used too. Dimple is the soul of the cottages and makes sure that everyone at the cottages enjoys to their fullest. Apart from being your host, Dimple is also a part of a not-for profit organization called “TGELF”, a Global education leadership foundation organization. She has travelled to four continents and has endless love for the animals. The dogs, squirrels, birds you will find at Gone Fishing cottages will prove what is said! She also looks after the family owned company called, Farmessentials.

Dimple is well versed with the Valley as she came to Tirthan 20 years back. Both Dimple and Uppi decided to build a place for nature lovers and thus was born “Gone Fishing Cottages.” She is known to go beyond the call of duty to help anyone and loves the company of her guests at the cottages. Her baking and continental food is loved by all who visit the cottages.

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Arjunveer Singh Kamra

Known as the “Nawab” of the family, he is the eldest son. After completing his high school from Yadavindra Public School, he went to the University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada to pursue his Bachelors in Business Administration. Successfully completed his degree in 2015 and now operates Farmessentials Natural Solutions Inc. (Family business) in Canada.

He loves to travel and never misses an opportunity to explore new areas. Born a trekker, he has accomplished several treks in Himachal and presently hikes in the forests of British Columbia!


Samarveer Singh Kamra

“Loved by all” is how he describes himself. Like his elder brother, he finished his schooling from Yadavindra Public School and is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Business Administration at the University of the Fraser Valley, Canada. He presently lives in Abbotsford with Arjun (the eldest brother) and wants to work and expand the family business after his degree. “A connector between the Valley and the people” is how he defines Gone Fishing cottages. Samar works at the cottages during his summer holidays and enjoys the company of the guests. “An outgoing personality and a sweet boy” is what the guest say about him, Not kidding!


Zoheb Bedi

He youngest and the naughtiest in the family, Zoheb is an exceptional orator who has represented the country in North America and Europe. He loves to play soccer and is the “Healthy boy” in the family. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Liberal Arts at the Ashoka University, Sonipat. Like Samar, Zoheb has been hosting guests at the cottages during summer time.

He holds immense knowledge about the Valley and loves to work at the cottages, whenever given the chance.