Discover Tirthan Valley

The only place with Sunshine 365 days a Year!

The Tirthan valley gets its name from a sacrosanct spring called “Tirth,” whose genesis is the Haskund peak which is at approximately 15, 750 ft. The spring water trickles and flows through mineral rocks and trees which impart it its distinct taste and minerals. The river meets Palchan Nallah at Gushaini where both collide to form one river. This stream ultimately joins the reservoir and Larji and then continues into river Beas.

The valley is abundant in flora and fauna and is also a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site. The visitors of the valley are bound to get enraptured in the unique geography of the place. Some features that can be expected are meandering rivers, rich flora and fauna, deciduous and coniferous vegetation. The valley covers an area of 754 Sq. Kms and is s host to several mesmerizing waterfalls, hamlets and pine trees. With an​abundance of trout, the valley is a virtual paradise for anglers. (The ​fishing season starts on 01 March and ends on 31st October. Moreover, the valley abounds with exquisite and rare birds and waking up to loud bird song is a heavenly way to begin your morning.

There are quaint walking trails ​along the stream and leading into the forest near the cottages. We ​strongly recommend exploring these trails where you might stumble upon ​unexpected and delightful views or spot some rare bird.​ If you are interested in any of the activities like fishing, day​treks, driving to nearby Jalori pass, a lazy afternoon/picnic, do let us​know in advance so that we can arrange the same.