Our Story - How it all started!

My husband and I have a thing for road trips. Every now and then we get into the car with no specific agenda, camping gear and homemade sandwiches and set off to explore and discover the as yet undiscovered. It was during one such adventure trip, many years back, that we landed into the lessor explored regions of Tirthan Valley. A lot of places have enchanted us. A lot of places have held us for long periods. But nothing felt like home. Before Trithan. The green cover of the trees created a different world, waking up to the sounds of birds was heavenly and the sound of the stream in complete silence, the best meditation. Away from all the tourist eyes, we were falling in love. With the valley.

I discovered some hidden gems in the valley during my long walks. My husband fine-tuned his fishing skills. And very soon we set up “Gone Fishing Cottages” next to the stream away from the tourist heavy Banjar. Our cottages have been created with local material – and every wall, each and every piece of furniture has been created by us. What started as a family cottage, is now open to friends and extended family to experience. We have locals managing the cottage and also serving local cuisine to all our guests. Our cottages have a live soul in the form of its resident dogs and pups.

We welcome you to our world – a world of living in tune with the nature and experiencing it, a moment at a time. We promise you no one who comes here, wants to ever get back to “reality!”

Mission & Vision

“To serve with honesty, integrity and strive to build long-term relations while preserving the sanctity of Tirthan Valley”

We at Gone Fishing Cottages believe the importance of exceptional hospitality and our goal is to serve our guests with the best available resources. Through our experienced staff and great leadership, we strive to deliver the best accommodation in the valley. We believe in working hard to achieve the loyalty of our guests and make sure they leave with mesmerizing memories. It is our passion and desire to be an integrator between the Valley and the people. We make it our endeavor for the people to feel and absorb the riches of Tirthan Valley. Staying with us will truly help you build an ever-lasting camaraderie with nature and the Valley.